Sunday, December 2, 2012

Night Life in Baltimore

Friday, October 5, 2012

All I will say is that for anyone over the age of 21, Baltimore's main area to hang out and have a great time near the Inner Harbor is Powerplant Live area which houses different bars and chill spots .

 It was very fun to hang out there with the other ladies Tamara and Erinn! Great fun as you can tell just from the photo below. And it actually was just as live the night we attended Friday.

The Sponsor Party for Grace Hopper Celebration

There was a party for the Grace Hopper Celebration where we scored more goodies. We each got a Google T-shirt, glow sticks which we later wore to Powerplant live later that night, and an Amazon T-shirt. Chocolate goodies were all around the museum that housed the party, The RockIt Science Center of Baltimore Inner Harbor. The highlight of our time at the party was when we, Mrs. Brunelle, Erinn, and I, checked out the tornado exhibit and Erinn said hey I wonder what this is made of!? Mrs. brunelle and I made an "L" over our foreheads to indicate she was acting like a blonde and told her "Air of course, what else could it be? Powder?" The exhibit looked something like the one below.

I had a great time there. There were giveaways from Amazon, Google, and other companies, of course I won none of them :-(. The party was still great and marked Systers' 25th anniversary. The party was hosted by the sponsors of the Grace Hopper Celebration as well as many of the companies that attended scouting for new employees. There were plenty of goodies such as cupcakes, fudge, and other confections.

Mo's Seafood and Pasta!!!

One thing I was excited to try while visiting Baltimore was the fabulous crab cakes the area is known for. When we asked employees at The very nice Royal Sonesta and residents of the area, we found that a great seafood place to try is Mo's Seafood and Pasta. When we asked how to get there we found that the restaurant has a shuttle service to make it more convenient for patrons to come and have a great dining experience. Mo's has THE BEST CRAB CAKES EVER!!!! I had the broiled crab cake that was full of flavor and almost covered a small plate. The size was about the size of a tea cup saucer and was about 2 inches in height! 

We also tried garlic crab clusters for an appetizer which was also delicious. 

Erinn ventured out and actually bought the alaskan king crab legs which looked and tasted divine. We even washed our food down with a couple of frozen strawberry margaritas. As a souvenir a certain someone took a small shrimp fork from the restaurant lol. All in all I can say my dining experience at Mo's will be remembered for a very long time and is actually one of the best I've ever had. If you find yourself in Baltimore, you should definitely consider trying Mo's Seafood. There are different locations, but the one we visited was great with great service, food, and affordability as their food was not too expensive and you got a great amount of food for your money.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baltimore National Aquarium

Going to the Grace Hopper Convention was a great experience. The time spent in the sessions was well spent and afforded me with the opportunity to know more about this industry through other eyes. BUT, it was time to do something fun... WE WENT TO THE AQUARIUM!! Check out all the nice pictures I took while visiting the aquarium below!